Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques during the implementation of a project aiming at directly fulfilling the needs and expectations of the interested parties involved. This effort often consists of conflicting requests and demands regarding the project, the time, the cost and the quality.
To settle such matters, our company applies international Project Management methodologies such as Prince II as well as specialized analytical information tools that enhance the monitoring and the implementation of a project and provide service during a project implementation phases:
• Time management and per phase implementation monitoring.
• Coordination of working groups.
• Direction regarding Analysis and Design.
• Risk Evaluation, Management and open issues monitoring.
• Information Systems Security Study.
• Data Transition Study.
• Deliverables and / or Information System Check and Acceptance.
• Change Management and Users Support.
• Implementation Strategy in the organization.
We have developed know – how in studying, designing and monitoring of actions and projects in the Organizational and Operational Reengineering and Information Systems Development in the Public and Private Sectors.