Geographical Information Systems exploit the benefit of information (databases) combined with the regional geography (digital maps) providing combined, dynamic analysis to the company’s human capital as well as executive information to the company’s management.
Such Systems, through the provision of analytical models and techniques, allow efficient business data management, using their geographical dimension. The most prevalent GIS Solutions are sales analysis, activities optimization for profitability maximization, network development (branches, distribution centres and agencies) as well as their monitoring and evaluation, with the use of dynamic maps that include all the available data to be mapped.
Our company offers Consulting Services for Analysis and Design of Business Solutions with the use of G.I.S. such as:
• Evaluation, Rationalization and Expansion of Existent Branch Networks.
• New branch networks development.
• Market and Trends Analysis and Monitoring.
• Sales Analysis and Marketing Process.
• Sales projection and strategic prioritization.
• Competition Analysis and Monitoring.
• Fleet Management.
• Territory Management.