Regardless of their spectrum of operations, all businesses are based on two fundamental Management Functions: Planning and Control. The application of these operations requires the implementation of systems and Strategic Objectives methodologies implementation as well as evaluation of their Goals Achievement Rate. These processes are already established in the international business field as Performance Management.

Performance Management consists in essence, of two components: the objectives definition process, based on each business’s strategy and the Indicators System Implementation that evaluates the performance of those strategic objectives. In cooperation with Research Institutions we apply the most prevalent Performance Management Methodology: Balanced Scorecard by Kaplan and Norton. The combination of market knowledge and the profound academic background guarantee our customers unique Value- for -Money. Our long-term cooperation with large customers in Cyprus and Greece is an outright proof.

The Balanced Scorecard Methodology allows the business to put into effect its Mission and Strategy in a faster and more effective way, introducing a System of measuring performance via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) combined to and enhanced by the management system. Top management formulates and communicates its Strategy relying on the Balanced Scorecard methodology; it evaluates the effectiveness of alternative strategy scenarios, poses operational and tactical objectives and properly distributes the resources available, monitors the successful implementation of the Business Plan, regularly records the results, forming a feedback channel or mechanism that allows the strategy readjustment when needed, in order to fulfill the ultimate prospect objectives.