The contemporary operational reality renders the quality and the accuracy of the information as efficiency and competitiveness indicators for the business. In defining New Development Strategy, the accurate and timely Information as stems from the effective and efficient utilization of the data and their transformation into valuable information is of paramount importance by using powerful Informatics tools aiming at the direct and selected information as well as supporting time wise strategic decision making by the people in charge.

Through this information, top management is able to take lead in the competition, ensuring that the advisable products are provided in the right price, to the proper customers at the right time. Prerequisite to this is the possibility of knowledge-making regarding the historical database of the organization. Thus, this policy is followed leading to profitability and at the same time raising the company’s competitiveness. Final objective is the challenge of a New Development Strategy, which allows the organization to lead the competition with effective management of current and new business information. 
Developing Business Intelligence and Decision Making Support applications with the use of Data Warehousing and interactive reporting platforms (portals, reports, tableau, metrics and scorecards) simplifies the access to the data and the information presentation in a way that provides the end- users with the ability and flexibility of analysis and clear visibility. The development of an integrated Business Intelligence System gives the organization the following advantages: 
• Provision of a database that acts as a point of reference of all reporting and analysis, offering a “common business view”. 
• Timely and accurate management information with quick adoption of strategic actions. 
• Information organized in a way that reflects the perception of the operational users. 
• Flexibility in creating executive and statistical reports. 
• An environment for dynamic, multidimensional information analysis. 
• Knowledge dissemination.

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