Hellenic Migration Policy Institution

Greek Information Society Observatory

Study for the Penetration of Information and Communications Technologies into the Tourism Sector:

The main objective of the above project is summed up in the following points:

  • Complete presentation of the current situation in Greece regarding the progress of ICT use in the tourist sector
  • Overview of the European and International environment regarding the progress made by foreign countries in ICT use in tourism and in sectors with synergy (transport, culture) as well as collection of relative best practices
  • Conduction of field research for the dissemination and use of e-services and e-applications in the tourist sector

Key Performance Indicators System for the monitoring of the penetration of information and communications technologies into the tourism sector.

International Open Standards and Websites Interoperability Specifications – investigation, recording and proposals for adoption in Greece.

Evaluation, Synthesis and Formulation of Proposals for the Use of ICT in the Tourism Sector.

Information Society S.A.

University of Cyprus

“Capacity Planning For The Administrative Services Of The University Of Cyprus Implementing The Balanced Scorecard Methodology”

The goal of the project is to use the Balanced Scorecard framework in order to improve performance management procedures at the University of Cyprus. The project involves the following tasks:

Evaluate and map the University’s Strategy

Cascade the strategy and the strategic goals down to the whole organization (University, services, sectors, offices).

Develop specific KPIs that will span from the University’s level down to the office’s levels.

Benchmark the performance of the organizational units with other units inside and outside the University.

Enable staffing decisions for the administrative staff based on current and forecasted needs (capacity planning).

Athens University of Economics

Development and supervision of the Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001: 2000

The development of the Quality Management System shall cover the “Provision of Consulting Services of the Management Service Laboratory (MSL)” and will be documented in the Quality Management Manual described as follows:

Quality Management Manual (QMM)

The Quality Management Manual shall include a general, adequate and brief description of the Quality Management System, fully corresponding to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000 that will make reference to any relevant procedures of the system. The Quality Management Manual shall not include secrets (confidential documents) of the MSL and can be used as a Marketing tool.

Quality Procedures Manual

The Quality Procedures Manual shall consist of General Procedures (GP), Operational Procedures (OP) and Forms. The Quality Procedures shall include the know-how of the company and shall be the main part of the system.

Hellenic Data Protection Authority

Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft

«Consulting Services supporting the action of National Observatory for Small and Medium Enterprises»

The general aim of the project is the necessary operational and scientific support to the National Observatory for Small and Medium Enterprises. The Consultant’s work includes the following tasks:

  • Identifying the problems and needs of SME
  • Policies Planning - Evaluation of results
  • Consulting services on Qualitative Operation issues
  • Collaborations with European and domestic institutions of corresponding object.
  • Transport of know-how and effective exploitation of human resources.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the internal and exterior environment.
  • Development of Technical Specifications for the work of Observatory.