Local Government

Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus

Cyprus Academy of Public Administration

Technical Consultant for the project "Education for Development of Management and Leadership skills to local governments organizations”

The overall objective is to contribute to strengthening the administrative abilitities of institutions of the Cypriot public service through a comprehensive training program for human resources, in order to operate more effectively according to the E.U. Main goals are the following:

1. Prepare a study analyzing the learning needs of the Public Service
2. Develop a Business Plan for the Education of the Public Servicee
3. Implement the training actions in accordance with the Business Plan
4. Evaluate the training actions
5. Develop a record of all the data and deliverables obtained through all the phases of the project

Cyprus Productivity Centre

The main objective of the project is to define the movers, drivers and determinants of the productive utilization of the economically active population in Cyprus. The study breaks down in the following phases of implementation:

  • The current situation in the Labour Market in Cyprus that uses bibliographic references as well as the EU_LFS and Cyprus National Statistic Service data for primary analysis of the market
  • Conduction of two field surveys: 
    • Employers survey, where a questionnaire investigating the drivers of productivity from the employers’ point of view is used.
    • Employees survey, where productivity is seen through the eyes of the employees.
  • Construction of statistical models weighting the influence of the acknowledged factors that have an impact on productivity, using econometrics as well as Structural Equation Modelling. The models exploit microeconomic as well as macroeconomic data from various sources, i.e. raw data from the EU Labour Force Survey, National Statistics and the field researches conducted from the demand and supply sides f the labour market in Cyprus.
  • Analysis of the results in terms of economic sectors and business size.
  • Conclusions, suggestions and policy making to enhance the utilization of the labour force in Cyprus.

Crete Prefecture